Click the Edit button will reveal a second tool bar. Most of the functions are self explanatory.
Other SGF editor can also be used to create files for GoSharp Lite. Example

In Edit state when treeview has the focus, press space bar will generate comment for branch node, press ALT+C will clear comment.
Triangle is used for ladder information, it is copied by pressing space bar. Right click and drag will draw line of triangles.
Right click on the editbox will show context menu for end node status.
Mouse wheel can be used to move forward and backward. Middle mouse button switch between slot 1 and slot 2.
Alt+G will activate GTP Engine to play next move. Press S will estimate score.
In Editing state when showing branch and end node, right click will jump to node without comment. ALT+right click can change search word.

Branch and end notes editing example.

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